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Bring your vehicle or fleet to Churchill Auto Care to obtain hassle-free auto maintenance from a team of experienced, certified technicians.


Should you have any comments or questions about the auto repairs provided by our auto repair shop, feel free to contact us.


Turn to our reliable mechanics for engine repair, transmission repair, and maintenance services including:

Major & Minor Engine Services
Cooling System Services
Electrical Diagnostics & Repairs
Power Window Repairs
Maryland State Inspections

Transmission Service & Replacement
Fuel Injection Service & Repairs
Engine Replacements
Timing Belts & Water Pumps
Oil Change
Engine Flushes
A/C & Heating
Brake Service

Our Story

Churchill Auto Care is a family-owned-and-operated auto repair shop that offers vehicle maintenance services backed by more than 30 years of experience. Our Ford™, Honda™, and ASE™-certified auto mechanics provide the best possible information to our customers throughout Frederick, Maryland, so that your car repairs will meet or exceed your expectations.

About Churchill Auto Care

The team at Churchill Auto Care provides customers with an estimate and puts you in the driver's seat regarding service costs for your vehicle. We specialize in diagnosis and inspection and do not charge for repair services that do not relate to your service concerns. We honor all estimates for at least 30 days, and only perform services when you approve them in advance.

Talking to Us
We know that not everyone understands the complex systems that drive your car, and in order to make your experience as painless as possible, we will give you expert advice based on our diagnosis and inspections. Ultimately, you drive the decisions, so please work with us to understand our advice and diagnosis. To get the best service, keep the following tips in mind while communicating with your mechanic:

Patience Pays Off
Try to be patient about time. Specially ordered or wrong parts, small jobs that become bigger ones, sick employees, and emergency repairs are challenges facing your mechanic every day. A mechanic with a good reputation would rather do the job right than do it hastily. Your mechanic is doing his best to keep you and other customers happy. Remember, a mechanic with a good reputation will often be very busy, and getting the best possible car care is usually worth waiting for.

You are the Driver
A good mechanic will provide you with advice and information about your auto, but the repair and maintenance decisions are up to you. Depending on your individual situation, perhaps you would rather repair anything at the first sign of trouble to avert potential problems. Perhaps you are on a budget and prefer to repair only serious problems. There are trade-offs and different suggested maintenance schedules that balance your usage and risk tolerance.

For maintenance that keeps vehicles operating at optimum efficiency, contact our trusted mechanics for auto repair services.

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